Welcome to our Gym without A Gym!

During the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 closed for over 365 days. Over this time, Tony Doherty opened a window cafe at the front of Dohertys Gym Brunswick, modifying the existing cafe to serve coffee, shakes, meals, drinks, snacks and merchandise to the pubic

Tony’s goal was not only to COVID-proof his business, but to give back some hope and personal contact for members of the gym and the greater community strugging with the isolation of continued lockdowns.

The cafe was a great success, and Tony’s idea of opeing his “gym without a gym” began. The mission: to create a destination point where anyone can come and experience the unique Dohertys flavour and spirit!

Visit us!

Dohertys Coffee & Protein Bar, 142 Bridport Street, Albert Park